Connect Wallet and NFT Token Gating of WooCommerce

Add Connect Wallet button to your WooCommerce store and manage access to the store based on NFT Ownership. Give Store visitors discount and benefits based on NFT Ownership.

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Why manage WooCommerce store based on NFT Ownership ?

Create an exclusive WooCommerce store for users based on NFT ownership in Crypto Wallet. Users can do a Crypto Wallet Login to your WooCommerce store and the Wallet will be scanned for the NFT, accordingly, only users who hold the required NFT will be given access to the store products. Give discounts on WooCommerce Store products to visitors/users based on NFT ownership. Creating an exclusive WooCommerce store for users based on NFT access is an effective way to manage visitors and products on the store. User needs to purchase NFT from Marketplace to access the store and this assists in increasing the sales of NFT tokens. Further, you can assign discounts on the products in-store based on Quantity and Type of NFT owned in the wallet.

Merits of Integration WooCommerce Store with Web3

Wallet Login to WooCommerce

Connect Wallet to WooCommerce Login & Checkout page and easily pay through Crypto Currency & Assets. Major features like Creating Exclusive Stores, Discounts for Products, and Benefits can be assigned to a Wallet address connected to the WooCommerce store.

NFT based Exclusive Store

Manage access to your WooCommerce store based on NFT ownership/holding in Crypto Wallet. If the user has a certain NFT then access to the store and its product is given. In case the user does not hold the specific NFT WooCommerce Store products cannot be accessed.

NFT based WooCommerce Discounts

Users can be assigned discounts on WooCommerce store products according to the NFT owned in the Wallet. Additionally, benefits such as Goodies and Freebies can be given out to users who own specific NFTs.

Mandatory profile completion

On Connecting a Crypto Wallet to WooCommerce Store, at the same time of Wallet Connect make it mandatory for the User to fill in their basic information such as Name, Email, and Contact Info & Store it in the database along with the Wallet Address.

Hassle-Free Crypto payments

Connect Crypto Wallet to WooCommerce Store checkout page and support Crypto Currency payments. With regular FIAT currency option allow the user to pay for Products on WooCommerce Store through Crypto Assets.

Coupon Management on WooCommerce

The user who has NFT Ownership can only apply Coupons on the WooComerce Store. Coupon management in the Store based on NFT Ownership works flawlessly and promotes the sale of NFT.

Cryptocurrency wallets supported by Web3

Smart Features

Hot wallets

Hot wallets like MetaMask, Edge, Coinbase, Electrum, Pera,myAlgo, Phanton, and Exodus can be connected to the Store to make payments and achieve Web3 merits.
Secure Contents

Cold wallets

Cold wallets Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, Trezor, and Ellipal Titan can be integrated with WooCommerce Store and used to achieve Web3 merits.

Popular Web3 Solution for WooCommerce Store

Convert WooCommerce Store to NFT Marketplace

WooCommerce store can be converted into an NFT Marketplace for the Sale and purchase of NFTs. Converting the WooCommerce store to NFT Marketplace is a good way to Market and Sell your NFT collection.

Import NFT from OpenSea

Import NFT from OpenSea and display them on the WooCommerce store. NFT can be directly imported from multiple Marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation, AtomicMarket, BakerySwap, and Binance and printed on WooCommerce.

Create an Exclusive WooCommerce store

WooCommerce store access can be restricted to users based on NFT owned in Crypto Wallet. If the user has a certain NFT then access to the Exclusive Products in the Store can be managed.

Manage Discount and Coupons in Store

WooCommerce store discounts can be managed for users who Own specific NFT in Crypto Wallet. Additionally, only allow users with specific NFT to apple Coupons on the store. The benefits of the WooCommerce store can be managed well based on NFT.

Which blockchains are compatible with WooCommerce Store?

Users can integrate the WooCommerce store with Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Algorand, Avalanche, Solana, Tron, Hyperledger Sawtooth, R3 Corda, Tezos, EOSIO, Stellar, ConsenSys Quorum, XDC Network, Corda, Klaytn, Celo, Harmony, and NEAR blockchain. The Wallets on all the Chains can be used for Crypto Wallet Login to WooCommerce Store. Similarly all the blockchain Native and Custom minted tokens can restrict access to users based on their Ownership in the Wallet. Also, the process of Wallet Connect to the Store is One Step and Completely secure and only the Wallet’s Public Key is accessed. The Connect Wallet can be done for Hard Wallets such as Ledger Nano S and X & Trezor.

Can Store Owners bring their Own NFT to Manage Store Access?

The Store Owner can NFT token gate their WooCommerce store & give access to visitors based on Native Tokens and Custom minted NFT. Store Owner can Mint their own custom NFT token and restrict access to the WooCommerce store. This does not limit the user to using the blockchain Native tokens to do the WooCommerce Store gating. Similarly, benefits in the Store like Discounts and Coupons based on NFT can be achieved for NFT customed minted. It is a flawless process to bring your Own NFT to the WooCommerce store and do NFT gating.

Whats the function

Let’s see how it works



Web 3.0 authenticates the visitor’s ownership of the crypto wallet when they log in to the website using the crypto wallet.

Grant Token

On successful authentication, if the visitor possesses the NFT collection specified by the website owner, they can access the restricted content.

Redirect to Marketplace

Visitors who do not possess the required NFT collection will be directed to the NFT marketplace for purchase.