Mint Fractional NFT for Multiple Owners

An F-NFT (Fractional NFT) is Minted so multiple users can own it. During the Minting process, a Single NFT is divided into smaller fractions and multiple users can purchase these fractions

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Why Mint Fractional NFTs and Purchase them?

F-NFT (Fractional NFT) has multiple owners, which has numerous use cases & significant benefits. The price for NFT is reduced as the user does not purchase the entire NFT but only a Fraction. Similarly, for an Owner, it becomes easier to sell the NFT. Fractional NFTs are equipped in domains like Gaming, Meta, Real Estate, and Art. Another major benefit of Fractional NFT is in the field of Finance where if the value of the NFT drops only minor losses are incurred as a single user does not own the entire NFT. These Fractional Owned NFTs can be Minted on multiple blockchains with minimum steps.

Merits to Mint Fractional NFT (F-NFT)

NFT Ownership Accessible

NFT can be expensive and a single user would not have the funds to purchase it. Moreover for exclusive NFTs, a solo user would not want to risk his entire funds on it. Fractional NFT can be owned by multiple users and the lower cost & risk makes it more accessible.

Metaverse Projects

F-NFT is the best option to make purchases in the Metaverse as multiple numbers of users can make a purchase. The option to own a fraction of the NFT brings Investors, Corporations, and Groups together to make a purchase in the Metaverse.

Access to Content

Mint Fractional NFT and restrict access to content based on its ownership. Only users who own F-NFT can only access the restricted content. Users can always purchase the F-NFT from, LIQNFT, Nftfy, & Otis to gain access.

Wider User Base

An Artist can reach out to wider audiences by Minting a Fractional NFT. Since multiple users are looking to o purchase the fractions of the NFT, the content created is exposed to a wider crowd.

Simple to Sell Fractional NFT

Once you have Minted a Fractional NFT the process of selling becomes easy. This is because there is no single buyer, instead multiple buyers purchase a fraction of the NFT and this simplifies the process of purchase.

Play to Earn

Game owners now Mint Fractional NFTs so Gamers can purchase them as a community and take benefit of the in-game features. A specific user can later sell their Fraction of the NFT to another gamer.

Which Blockchains support Minting Fractional NFTs (F-NFT)?

Mint Fractional NFT on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Algorand, Avalanche, Solana, Tron, Hyperledger Sawtooth, R3 Corda, Tezos, EOSIO, Stellar, ConsenSys Quorum, XDC Network, Corda, Klaytn, Celo, Harmony, and NEAR blockchain. Similarly, the Minted Factional NFT (F-NFT) can be stored in all native and other crypto wallets supported on the blockchain which include the Hard Wallets such as Ledger Nano S and X & Trezor.

Is it safe to Mint Fractional NFT tokens?

Users can Mint Fractional NFT tokens & the process is secure and ethical. Once the user purchases the fraction, the ownership is immediately transferred. Similarly, the multiple fractions of the NFT are transferred to the respective owners after the purchase is completed. The user who decides to sell their Fractional NFT can easily do it & once it is sold ownership is immediately transferred. User can also Mint their own Fractional NFT (F-NFT) and sell it on, LIQNFT, Nftfy, & Otis Marketplaces.