Data Syncing between Centralized Platforms and Blockchains

The Blockchain Sync tool can send/sync any kind of information from any JSON data to file, document, any text, user and group information, etc. from your user management applications, CMS, CRM, and identity providers, to the respective blockchains and stores data in the decentralized platform. Sync can be performed manually or scheduled to run after set time intervals. By doing so, the administrator only has to manage user accounts in user management. As a result, the blockchain application requires less admin time to create users and groups. Share user data from integrated third-party apps like Azure AD, Salesforce, Zoho, Nimble, HubSpot, Zendesk and more to respective blockchains with the Blockchain Sync tool.

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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary new way to store and manage data, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most talked-about topics in the tech world. It is a digital ledger, or list, of transactions that are shared across a network of computers. Each transaction is stored in a “block”, which is then added to the chain. This chain is stored across multiple computers, and the data is secure and encrypted. The main benefit of blockchain technology is that it is secure and transparent. Because the data is stored across multiple nodes, it is not possible to manipulate or hack the data. Finally, smart contracts can be developed through which operations can be performed over blockchains. These computer programs can execute transactions automatically when certain conditions are met.

Data synchronization

Data synchronization between user management applications and blockchain is becoming increasingly important as more businesses explore the potential of blockchain technology. By allowing user management applications to interact with the blockchain, organizations can take advantage of decentralized platform technology to create more secure and efficient ways of managing data. The first benefit of combining user management applications and blockchain is increased data security. By using blockchain technology, website owners can protect their data from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. Furthermore, the technology can store sensitive customer and user information in an encrypted format, making it nearly impossible to access without proper authorization.

Data synchronization between applications and the blockchain can be broken down into two main components: data integration and data exchange. Data integration involves connecting user management applications to the blockchain to access data stored in the distributed ledger. This can be done by either connecting directly to the blockchain or through the Blockchain Sync tool. Data exchange involves sharing data between user management applications and the blockchain. This is done by using the Blockchain Sync tool.Data exchange is also important for applications to interact with the blockchain. Smart contracts are used to create a secure connection between applications and the blockchain. This allows applications to send and receive data from the blockchain in a secure and efficient manner. Smart contracts can also be used to create automated processes and functions that can be executed on the blockchain.

Areas where you can be use Blockchain Sync tool


The rise of digital music has posed problems regarding issues like piracy and artist compensation. Using Blockchain Sync tool you can help prevent piracy (illegal sharing) of music files.

Cyber Security

Using Blockchain Sync tool you can secure sensitive data, thanks to its cryptography feature and also you can eliminate the need for passwords, because users and devices can be authenticated using the public and private keys.

Human Resources

Blockchain Sync tool is a natural fit for improving time-consuming and costly HR procedures. For example, Using Blockchain Sync tool you can eliminate the need to run individual verification checks on potential employees— Blockchain Sync tool can store data regarding identity and employment history.


Blockchain Sync tool finds excellent use in banking. As of now, a user validates his identity to each bank he goes to, over and over. Is there a way we can ease the process with Blockchain Sync tool? The answer is yes. We can use Ethereum, ganache, and smart contracts, which are part of the Blockchain technology ecosystem, to make it work.

Why Integrate with Government agencies?

Data synchronization with government departments using blockchain technology is a powerful technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way governments handle their data. By utilizing blockchain technology to connect user management applications, governments can ensure all data is up-to-date and accurate, while also making sure that it remains private and secure. Data synchronization with government blockchain also helps to improve the efficiency of data management. By automating the process of data synchronization, governments can save time and money. This can be particularly beneficial for government agencies who often have to manually transfer data between different applications and systems.

Simplify User/Group Permissions

User Account Provisioning: User account provisioning is mostly used by Organizations, especially IT to grant and regulate access to resources between different applications and blockchains. In order to be effective, an account provisioning method must ensure consistent and simple management of account creation and access to software and data.

Group Provisioning: Group Provisioning is required when you wish to keep the same user hierarchy and access control in many apps and blockchains at the same time. Between multiple programs, you may sync users with their correct group names.