Create Your Own NFT Marketplace like OpenSea

Create NFT Marketplace with Minting, Listing, and Purchase/Sell features. With One Click Mint your own NFT by uploading Images, Audio, Text, and Video. List the NFT for Purchase/Sale with zero platform fees.

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What are the Perks of Creating Own NFT Marketplace?

Our NFT Marketplace solutions allow Users to Mint NFT on multiple blockchains Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Algorand, Avalanche, Solana, Tron, Hyperledger Sawtooth, R3 Corda, Tezos, EOSIO, Stellar, ConsenSys Quorum, XDC Network, Corda, Klaytn, Celo, Harmony, and NEAR. List the Minted NFT collection for free on your NFT Marketplace. Additionally, through our solution Create your Own NFT Marketplace with all inbuilt features of Minting, Listing, and Purchase/Sell already managed and eliminate the platform fees and do NFT Transactions for absolutely free.

Merits of Creating Own NFT Marketplace

Mint NFT with One Click

Upload Images, Audio, Text, and Video that you want to convert into NFT on your own Marketplace’s IPFS Storage. Choose the blockchain and with One Click get your NFT Minted.

Mint NFT on Multiple Blockchains

The biggest drawback of OpenSea is it provides the Minting of NFT on limited blockchains. Users can Mint NFT on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Algorand, Avalanche, Solana, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Tezos, EOSIO, Stellar, ConsenSys Quorum, XDC Network, and Corda blockchain.

Lazy Minting

The Creator need not pay the Gas Fees for Minting the NFT on the blockchain. The Creator will List the NFT on Marketplace and when the user makes a purchase of the NFT, only that time the NFT will get Minted and the Gas Fees have to be paid by the user.

Free NFT Transactions

Mint a Product as an NFT and Print it on WordPress NFT Marketplace. Promote Buy/Sell of NFT to Marketplace users by Printing NFT details.

Transfer NFT Ownership in seconds

Users, when they do the purchase of an NFT on Marketplace, there is an immediate transfer of the NFT ownership to the user. Also if any NFT has to be transferred to the User as a reward for completing a Task or Making a purchase, an effective transfer of ownership happens.

NFT Royalties

The original creator of the NFT will always get a few percent of NFT Minted on every transaction. If a user purchases the NFT from the NFT Marketplace and later sells it to someone then the Original creator of the NFT will get some percent as a Royalty fee.

Can Users Mint Physical Products to NFTs and List them on the Marketplace?

Yes, Users can Mint any Physical Product as an NFT and List them on NFT Marketplace. Additionally, an E-commerce store owner can convert a Physical Product into an NFT. When a user purchases the Physical Product the equivalent NFT of the Product is transferred to the user. Minting of Physical Products and Objects is quite straightforward and has major appeal in eCommerce, Product, and Apparel websites.

How much amount can users avoid by Creating their Own NFT Marketplace?

Create your Own NFT Marketplace with Minting, Listing, and Transaction features and this saves a large amount of Money. Unlike OpenSea and other NFT Marketplaces, our solution has inbuilt Minting, Listing, and Transactions already provided and no platform fees need to be paid. The user just needs to List their NFT and every purchase amount will be transferred to the user. Free NFT Listing and No Platform Cost for NFT Transactions are major benefits of our solution.

How can Users benefit from Our NFT Marketplace solution?

Our solution allows user to Create their Own NFT Marketplace with inbuilt support for Minting, Listing, and Crypto Payments. With our Solution User can keep all the earnings of the NFT sold unlike how it happens on OpenSea. With easy steps, our solution provides a ready-to-deploy NFT Marketplace on which users can List their NFTs and visitors can purchase the NFT directly with support for NFT royalties.