Web3 Analytics

Benefits of Web3 Analytics

  • Track User based on Wallet Address:

    Crypto wallet login to a website can be tracked by storing the wallet address in a database. The crypto wallet address stored in the database can be used to track and monitor the online presence on the website by its owner.

  • Store User Information:

    During the crypto wallet login to the website process add input fields for the user to fill in the basic information. The basic user information can be associated with the wallet address and stored in the database which is highly beneficial for eCommerce stores.

  • NFT Analytics:

    NFT token gating or NFT authentication allows the website owner to restrict access to content on the page based on NFT ownership/holdings in the crypto wallet. On successful NFT authentication, the website owner can track data linked to NFT for analytics.

  • Tracking for domains:

    NFT tokens gating can be done for Education, Media, Video, and Audio website. Analytics like recording the time user has watched videos, education classes, and tutorials and ADs can be done through the NFT owned during the NFT authentication process.

  • AD tracking based on NFT :

    NFT token gating allows access to restricted Videos and Audio and ADs are common and prevalent in these Media types. Based on the Wallet Address the time for which AD is watched can be tracked. Similarly, the AD time for which is watched can be tracked by the NFT.

  • Give Out NFT:

    Track user by Wallet Address stores in the database and NFT token used for authentication. Depending on Advertisements (Ads) watched NFT are given/gifted. Other benefits such as discounts and coupons can also be assigned.

Track users based on Crypto Wallet Address

Users can log in to the website by Crypto Wallet and the Wallet Address can be stored in the database for Analytics. Track the user activity on the Website, Education Portal, User Profile, and other Domain Pages based on the Wallet Address stored in the database. During the Login with Crypto Wallet process add Input Field for a user to fill in. Store the Wallet Address (Login process) and the user data in the database and use it for analytics. The wallet address used for the website can be used to deduce multiple results and is suitable for the data analytics process.

Analytics based on NFT ownership

The website owner can restrict access to content on the website, user profile, video, and audio pages and give access based on NFT ownership. Additionally, roles can also be assigned to the user with NFT owned/held in the wallet. In NFT-based analytics, the user can access the restricted content based on NFT ownership, but the NFT can be tracked to monitor the user. Monitoring and Tracking user on websites based on the NFT restriction is a flawless way for analytics. If users hold specific NFT for a defined period, they can have certain benefits such as discounts and coupons to apply. Similarly, the user's activity on the restricted website can be monitored based on the NFT used for access.

Store User Information associated with Wallet Address

Users can connect their crypto wallet to their website and user profile and the connected wallet address can be stored in a database. Additionally for analytics purposes when a user does a crypto wallet login to the website a form with multiple input fields can be added. The user-inputted information in this form can be tied to the wallet address. Based on the analytics for the Crypto Wallet address and referring to the information such as Gender, Geographical Location, Age Etc different decisions can be taken.

Advertisement Tracking based on Web3

Connect Wallet to the website and give access based on NFT owned. The wallet connected can be used to Track the time period for which the user has viewed an Advertisement(Ad). Similarly, the NFT used to get access to restricted content can be used to Track the time for which a user has watched an advertisement (Ad). Based on this AD analytics users are gifted/compensated with NFTs.

Compensate users in NFT tokens for viewing Advertisements (Ads)

Website and platform owners can block Ads on their platforms and allow flawless streaming to their users. This thought leads to an effective method to popularise your NFTs. Compensate user who watches Advertisements (Ads) with native NFTs. This allows users to view ads of their own will. If a user watches an Advertisement for a certain amount of time then he will be gifted/given NFT tokens as a reward.